Brian Yee

Bodywork by Brian Yee

Brian Yee has been practicing bodywork for 19 years. 

He was initially inspired to study working with the body through his experience receiving treatments being on the US National team for gymnastics.  The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits he felt from receiving massage, inspired him to dive into the mysterious world of working with the body.  In his treatments, he tailors the session to the needs of each individual client.  The modalities he uses can include myofascial/sports massage, trigger point therapy, and Swedish massage to more subtle but powerfully relaxing techniques such as cranio-sacral, ortho-bionomy, and energy balancing.  An artful blend of all of these techniques is often used to create an experience that is whole and integrated for each client. He has experience treating chronic or acute injuries as well as treating nervous system imbalances, producing both relief from pain as well as a deep experience of relaxation and inner stillness.