Kangen Water

It may come as no surprise that tap water is littered with chemicals and plastic-bottled water is lifeless sitting in its container for three years on average. We are all probably familiar with, or have been introduced to, phrases and concepts like alkaline water and water filters, but have you ever heard about electrolyzed, or ionized, water?

Grey Matter is now offering Enagic’s Kangen water to our clients free with services and a small fee to fill jugs. 

What are the health benefits of electrolyzed, or ionized, water?

Electrolyzed water is the process of removing the oxygen atom from the H2O molecule, resulting in hydrogen water. Hydrogen by itself is the #1 antioxidant in the world, because it’s the only antioxidant which can penetrate the blood-brain barrier. 

Not only is hydrogen the best option for anti-aging due to this antioxidant potential, it is also more hydrating than tap or bottled water, because the cells are better able to absorb the smaller hydrogen atoms than its original form of H2O. This works both ways with absorption and also detoxification. 

Why Enagic? 

Enagic, a certified medical water company in Japan, is spreading fast around the world and is used in many medical facilities in Japan. The company’s founder became interested in the holy water sources around the world known to “cure” people of unusual and rare dis-eases. He decided to study the elements of these holy waters on different continents, and found that the electrolysis process is a natural occurrence and can be replicated to bring “holy water” directly into the home. Because of this, the company has been nicknamed “the fountain of youth” and “elixir of life.”

To find out more about this water’s capabilities and benefits, the company’s history of how this water was discovered at holy sites around the world, and all the uses of the Kangen machine, please visit www.gmkangen.com.

How much does it cost?

  • $3 for 5 Gallons 
  • $2 for 3 Gallons
  • $1 for 1 Gallon or less