Float Spa

Although new to many, float therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the health and wellness space, and for good reason. With benefits like faster muscle and joint recovery, restored posture alignment, reduced cravings and improved circulation, Grey Matter float therapy offers a meditative and restorative experience for those seeking relaxation backed by science.

How It Works

Grey Matter float tanks are enclosed tubs, often referred to as sensory deprivation tanks, that are filled with 10 inches of clean, body-temperature water and over 1,000 pounds of therapeutic Epsom salt. As floaters enter the tub and lay back, the salt allows the body to become effortlessly buoyant, and the harsh effects of gravity on the body are non-existent. Muscles and connective tissues are able to rest and recover, and the absence of sensory overload allows the mind to enter a euphoric-like state, which some describe as being half-awake, half-dreaming. Cortisol levels can drop, feel-good hormones can rise, and the body and mind are able to focus on healing. 

At the end of your float, you may feel lighter, relaxed, and may possess a body and spirit high that can last for several days after the float. Some even radiate the post-float “glow” that’s hard to achieve anywhere else.

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Benefits of Float Therapy

Several studies show that float therapy can be effective in treating sleep problems, including insomnia. Floaters often report that they are able to fall asleep more quickly after regular float sessions, and many studies show significant improvements in both sleep amounts and quality of sleep.

Because each session includes an hour of peace, quiet and stillness, float therapy is often associated with reducing stress and anxiety. New findings from several studies also show that float therapy quiets the brain activity in the amygdala, the part of the mind associated with anxiety and fear within the brain. Even better, consistent floating has been shown to provide long-lasting relief for those suffering with PTSD.

Several studies have shown that float therapy has the potential to reduce insomnia and improve sleep quality in individuals suffering from chronic fatigue. One study found that floating a couple hours a week for just two weeks improved insomnia symptoms for three months, even when float therapy had ended.

Studies have shown that floating for one hour removes pressure on muscles and joints, reduces inflammation and lowers blood pressure. As a result, floaters report a decrease in pain and an increase in overall recovery.

Thousands of pounds of therapeutic Epsom salt make floating an effortless process. And because gravity isn’t a factor in the float tank, muscles are able to completely relax and recover. This allows athletes and office warriors alike to accelerate injury recovery, reduce lactic acid levels in the body, aid in facilitated rest, and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

It’s no secret that float therapy can help the physical body, but it can also aid in increased creativity and meditative state. Floating shifts the brain waves from Beta (normal day-to-day tasks) to lower frequency Alpha (daydreaming state, when we are relaxed but are aware of what is happening), Theta (reduced consciousness, also known as the in-between of awake and asleep), and even Delta (unconsciousness or deep sleep). This allows floaters to stimulate their left/right brain synchronization and create mental clarity and focus. Floaters may also experience increased creativity and problem solving skills, and may feel heightened visualization and expanded awareness.

Feeling weightless while floating provides immediate relief for the muscles and joints, making it a natural physical therapy for those suffering from fibromyalgia symptoms. In one major study, fibromyalgia patients reported feeling less pain and muscle tension over a duration of a few weeks of regular floating, which supports consistent float practices.

Float therapy is believed to aid and improve overall energy levels, physical performance, productivity, and general well-being. By floating regularly, Grey Matter clients are able to tap into heightened levels of focus and creativity, where the fully-relaxed and undistracted mind can make new neural connections.

Grey Matter’s Float Tanks

Standard Float Room 1

  • Tall 7’4” Interior Ceiling Height with Fiber Optic Starlights
  • Great for First Time Floaters
  • Full Control of Lights and Music Volume
  • Anti-Slip Diamond Flooring

Deluxe Float Room 2 -Couple’s Float

  • Tall 7’4” Interior Ceiling Height with Fiber Optic Starlights
  • Recommended for Floaters up to 6’10” 
  • Full Control of Lights and Music Volume
  • Anti-Slip Diamond Flooring
  • ADA Compliant Shower
  • Large enough for 2 / Couple’s Float Tank
NOTE: This tank is recommended for the elderly, couples, disabled, or persons with mobility issues.

Float Pod Room 3

  • Domed Ceiling with Fiber Optic Starlights
  • Bench Seat for Easy Transitions into Tank
  • Full Control of Lights and Music Volume
  • Pebble Textured Anti-Slip Flooring

How to Float

1) Welcome

Grey Matter welcomes you to Operation: Relaxation. Leave your worries at the door, sip some water or local tea, and visit the restroom.

2) Prepare

Enter your room, undress, insert your ear plugs, and take a shower. Be sure to rinse off all your lotions and oils, and skip the conditioner.

3) Immerse

Step into the tub, and familiarize yourself with the lights, music, and space. Lay back, allow yourself to become buoyant, and listen for the welcome voice to invite you to your float.

4) Customize

Choose to turn off the lights or stars (or keep them on), and allow yourself to be taken away by the relaxing music. You can change your preferences throughout your float too, based on your desires and comfort level.

5) Awaken

After your session is over, you’ll hear a voice and lights will slowly come on. Awaken your body slowly, reemerge your senses, and gently exit the tub.

6) Rinse

Shower and rinse the Epsom salt off of your body and out of your hair. Use soap for a thorough clean, and feel free to use conditioner or lotion as well.

7) Feel Bliss

Redress yourself, and head to the lobby. Enjoy cool water or a cup of local Santa Fe tea, and feel the bliss that comes after a float at Grey Matter.

NOTE: If you prefer to play your own music during your float, remember to put your phone at airplane mode, plug in your music, and play your favorite tunes before entering the tub.

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