Past Artists

Here are our Past Artists

February 1, 2021 – February 28, 2021

As well as being an artist, Beth is an energy healer, massage therapist, and intuitive. Her art has been featured in blogs and websites, acquired for use in business, branding, books, and magazine covers. She has guided others to tap into their own intuitive art making through her Art Rituals, and has regularly commissioned for intuitive portraits and healing mandalas. In 2003 she self published her own oracle card deck, PrayerCards, and has another in the works.


Alcyone (Casey) Greenling, was born in Los Alamos New Mexico, raised in White Rock with the arroyos as his playground. He Went to College at UNM, and graduated in Fine Arts with Honors in 2006. He has traveled much and live painted at many festivals in the southwest. Currently he is working on an off grid Artists Retreat Center in Jemez, NM on twenty acres. He resides back in Albuquerque with his three year old daughter, Artemis Hope. 

“Life is Full of Inspiration”

As an artist I am constantly moving in and out of fluctuating and reverberating patterns, layers, and hidden multiple images. I wish to capture the beauty and elegance within this alchemical dance of form, stimulated by the natural world and the figure. Infused in my studies is the appreciation for the diversity of visual languages deeply inspired by the old masters, my fellow visionary artists, and my art degree journey. I am drawn to the organic forms in nature and anatomy; and the soft subtle curves found in golden ratio proportions and sacred geometry. My artwork aims for a mystical experience that mends a breach with spirit and inner visions, distilling my integrative philosophical conceptions. To strike the heart of what I do, I find beauty in the mythical figurative; and finding meaningful ways to condense transcendental glimpses into crystallized theophanies, with undulating waves of light, color, and form. My artwork is a therapeutic practice for my soul, and I find creativity essential for well-being. 


Isabel Winson-Sagan is an interdisciplinary artist from Santa Fe, often collaborating with her mother Miriam Sagan. They combine poetry and the visual arts in interactive land art installations, and you can view their work at You can also see their ongoing collaboration “Fairy Houses” made from recycled materials by visiting the dog walking path at Santa Fe Skies RV Park. 

On her own, Isabel works in a variety of mediums, including printmaking, photography, video art, and woodcarving. She is currently studying intermedia fine arts & printmaking at the Santa Fe Community College. Her portfolio is located at

The exhibition at Grey Matter will feature book art sculptures made in collaboration with Miriam Sagan, as well as suminagashiprints, utilizing a modern take on an ancient Japanese technique where ink is floated on water.

October 1st-November 1st, 2020

Nancy is a photographer and dimensional artist. A photo tells a story, but by adding items that support that image, it elevates the piece making a more powerful statement. She may use items from nature like rocks, adobe, fur, wood, or feathers. Fabric, dyes, paints, screen, or hand cast paper may also be used. It all depends on what will embellish the piece and enhance the story. 

August 1st-September 31st, 2020

Santa Fe-based world traveler, Michael Garfield, is our featured artist of the month, displaying the works from live paintings he completed in past festivals and events. His experience as a scientific illustrator transfers onto canvas in a dance of left-right brain entanglement. His displayed pieces shift from modern to extinct and micro to macro creatures taking life in unpredictable settings, crafted with vibrant colors and accompanied by shapes, which flow like the breath. Each piece portrays movement through geometrical patterns, leaving the stories up to the viewer’s imagination, an inspiration for pre and post-floats.

Follow him on Instagram @michaelgarfield