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September 1 – September 30

The Rapture

I was sent by Heaven to right a wrong from the Dawn of Creation.
You see, my family they call the Ancient One, The Shining Ones and The Jedi Knight.
We divided in our ways to create a world of our wildest dreams.
We are the Light and the Shadow, the Force and the Nurture, the Rapture beyond time…the living Is-ness of His-ness and Her High-ness.
We present a path, a gateway, an initiation to step in…walk through the Gates of Freedom.

It’s really not personal…it is a matter of Life and Death.
Creation we live on…free to laugh and dream a Love Story, 
a Love Story of Creation…our Universal Love Affair.
It hurts so bad and then it feels so good…real good.
We are the only acceptance we need to feel our worth.
It’s all about the work…no one sees, no one notices but you believe in faith…
the only strength we need to survive the war on consciousness.

We die in a battle for freedom to right our wrong, to liberate the fallen of their divine service to God, Commander and Chief of Creation.
We are the liberty we sought when we divided in our ways.
And now, we align forces to defeat an Artificial Intelligence that took our minds and stole our dreams.
We each have a different mission but One purpose…to serve the One.

We get lost when we insert an Artificial reality…one created of lies and deception, absent of Heart Intelligence, wisdom gained from the trials and tribulations of life.
We can not escape reality…it follows us wherever we go.
In the shadows, it is there, showing us everything we are not, 
so that we may become all that we were meant to be.
It hurts to look at ourself…really look deep within, to love yourself 
but it is the only way home.

We are each gifted beyond measure and when our gifts unite, we create magic of the highest vibration.
Our love sings us home…Wake up my little dove.
Your voice matters, whether you are a mother, daughter, sister, 
father, son or brother, you are, a Shining Star…
Now, guide the way home.

~Gina Orlando~

Evolving out of the void, inspired by creation and the cosmos my work expresses the relationship between Spirit and Nature. Cyclical rhythms such as the inner and outer seasons are explored within the context of dreams, myth and symbolism to inform an exploration of personal psychology, the collective unconscious and the language of light. The journey of the soul becoming human and the alchemical union between feminine and masculine consciousness guide my creative practice. As an artist I focus on the circle as a living symbol and container of essence allowing the invisible to express itself naturally through symbols, patterns, and colors revealing energy in motion which can be described as visionary art.   

Gina is an author, mystic, artist and visionary who focuses on the restoration of truth, love, sovereignty and creative expression into the collective dream of humanity. She holds a Master’s in Metaphysical Science and has worked as a trauma counselor and advocate for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. She walks the beauty way and is a pioneer of evolutionary consciousness. She currently resides in Montezuma, New Mexico with her beloved and familiar where she continues to be awe-inspired by the spirits of the stars and the lands. For more information  visit www.sacredemergence.com