Artist Program

What is the Grey Matter Artist Program?

As the senses and distractions are deprived within the float tank, imaginations are left to wander, explore and create, making floatation therapy a great tool for artists. 

To demonstrate how we value this creative expansion at Grey Matter Float, we have dedicated the common spaces to artists as a gallery exhibition opportunity, receiving the curious, relaxed and refreshed gazes of our clients. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Monthly cycle–we are constantly rotating artists in and out to allow a multitude of artists with varying mediums to receive the benefits of floatation therapy.
  • Artists will receive three complimentary 60-minute floats and three sauna sessions of choice
  • Artists will also receive a personal referral code for friends, family and acquaintances. When eight people use that code, the artist will receive one free float.
  • Grey Matter takes 0% commission for any art pieces sold at the float center.
  • The gallery accepts submissions for any art medium which can be hung on the wall.
  • At the end of your float package, we request the artist creates one original piece, inspired by the float experience. This piece will be displayed at Grey Matter on occasion and will always be displayed on this page under “Past Artists” with a link to the artist’s website.

Learn more about other benefits of floating here.

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