gray mat·ter

/ˈɡrā ˈˌmadər/

noun: Intellect, wisdom, cognitive content, profoundness, awareness. The ultimate source of consciousness and brainpower.

“I wish I had a little of her gray matter”

synonyms: intelligence, intellect, intellectual capacity, mental capacity, brains, brainpower, cleverness, wit, wits, powers of reasoning, reasoning, wisdom, sagacity, acumen, discernment, shrewdness, judgment, understanding, common sense

But what happens to your grey matter when it’s constantly bombarded with physical and emotional stress, technology, and overstimulation? 

With float tank and infrared therapy, as well as CBD products, Grey Matter is your personal oasis – and the only spa in Santa Fe offering float tank therapy.

Embody the practice of de-stimulation through rejuvenation. The art of reconnection via disconnection. The conscious act of replenishing and nurturing your Grey Matter.

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